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My name is Sandra Greene. I was born in Luton, England. 
That is how I came up with my kennel name . I am the mother of 2 great girls, Nicole and Christina. 
I have 2 grandchildren, 1 girl and 1 boy from my daughter Christina, named Brieanna, who is 6, and Jaren who will be 2, Dec. 2.
I am truly blessed for all of them.

 I have loved dogs and other animals all my life. I have always wanted to have Boxers. So when I got my home in Garden Grove, Ca. in 1997, I got my first Boxer, a brindle female, Nickita.  I fell in love with the Boxers.  They will be in my life forever. She was Brieanna's best friend.  She played with her, took naps and was great with her as a baby. Sad to say, I lost Nickita. Brieanna went out the front door and she went out after her and a stray dog was outside and she ran with it and got hit by a car. I was heart broken and ended up with 3 girl Boxers, Meesha, Raja and Sasha, "summer girls" June, July and August. All my dogs are trained not to go out the front door if it is open without a leash now. 
Please do the same with your dogs! 
I got hooked on dog shows.  I have made some great friends out of all of this. Sorry to say I lost my first show girl Raja on April 16, 2002. She had 13 points , along with 7 other dogs and one cat. God bless them all and all the owners, as well as Jimmy and Wendy's loss.  They have been through so much as well. 
God Bless them all and keep them safe. 
I have a male, "Lucky" that Wendy and Jimmy show.  I am so grateful to have them in my life.  They are the best! Lucky is out of my Little Miss Prissy Sasha and Ch K. C. Bailey's Cute Kid. He was born May 16, 2001. 
Ch.Luton's My Lucky Charm
My Boxers are not just pets and show dogs, they are all a part of my family. Each of you bring so much love and joy into my
heart and life. 
Nickita and Raja, I will never forget you 
and I know you are looking over us all, 
"My Sweet Angels".

Ch.Luton's My Lucky Charm
Shown winning his first major, Best of Winners, and Best Puppy at the Boxer Club of Arizona, at the tender age of 
9 months of age.
Welcome to my Boxer Family! 
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